Passion rattan furniture encompasses a range of sofas, chairs and tables that are casually elegant, durable and affordable - ideally suited for restaurants, hotels, gardens, swimming pools and for sales though department stores and specialist retail outlets.

Its simple yet elegant design makes Passion the perfect rattan furniture for just about any environment, combining sturdy steel frames, tightly woven, patterned coverings and soft yet weather-resistant cushions.

Our on-line catalogue provides full details of this exciting new range. Alternatively, our Asian customers and visitors are invited to view Passion at our spacious, relaxing showrooms in Bangkok and Guangzhou. Our friendly and experienced team, fluent in English, French, Chinese and Thai will be happy to show you around and help you in your choices.

Our best selling lines are always in stock and available for immediate delivery and we have developed an extensive network that guarantees fast, reliable distribution to anywhere in the world.

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COFFEE TABLE #10455 78 47 45 cm.
SINGLE SOFA #10455 59 62 84 cm.
DOUBLE SOFA #10455 115 62 84 cm.
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