Passion is the brand new range of everyday rattan furniture that combines outstanding functionality with stylish elegance. Easy on the eye and the ultimate in comfort, Passion is perfect for both indoor dining and lounge areas and for outdoor patios and gardens.


Truly knowledgeable professionals with over 15 years of international experience in the furniture market, we have a well-earned reputation for innovative design and unrivaled quality. All our furniture is produced in our own factory, all processes fully tested and all our materials are 100% recyclable. We have carefully blended traditional weaving artistry with modern manufacturing techniques to ensure each and every item that we produce is beautifully crafted and is of consistently high quality.

Details of our full range can be found in our on-line catalogue, and our extensive logistics network ensures efficient and cost-effective distribution wherever you are.

Alternatively, for Asian visitors, we have established spacious showrooms in Bangkok and Guangzhou where our knowledgeable and personable sales team, fluent in English, French, Chinese and Thai will be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements.